Students from different parts of the world enroll themselves in research degree programs, in which they have to write a research report in a language that the university accepts. While most colleges accept documents in English, students are often not well versed with the same; more so when it comes to academic English which is needed for research reports.

Preparing a professional report in a new language is quite a challenging task for native Arabic students. They are not aware of grammatical rules and terminologies of that language, and they feel helpless while writing their research report.

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Under the Dissertation Translation service, we cover all aspects of the reports like abstracts, bibliography, table of contents, and analytical tables. reassures to provide reports in the asked language, translated by following the best practices of grammar, sentence structure and style of language. We comprehend the importance of timely submission of research papers and reports; thereby, provide the final report at the right time so one can present submit it to the university.